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Are your products GMO-free?

Our main intention of starting FindR fresh is to provide our customers with the best, organic, chemical and GMO free

products. We take our role of providing the best quality products very seriously and ensure we only provide the best

quality products. Further, we provide the most modern & advanced transportation and packaging processes from

source till your door steps.


What is the assurity that your meats do not have hormones in them?

We make sure there are no growth promoters such as hormones, antibiotics and other fattening products in our

poultry that you purchase from us. Our chickens weigh 1-1.5kg due to the same reason, it is a known fact chickens

weighing over 1.5kg are hormone injected and thereby, causing significant damages to health of the individual

consuming them over time. We also hand pick our products from trusted suppliers guaranteeing quality. The smaller

the chicken the tastier so go ahead and make your order today


What assurity do I have that your products are delivered fresh?

Our products are delivered to your door step with utmost care and consideration for maintenance of quality and freshness. We use modern and most advanced modes of transportation and storage facilities while carrying our products

from the source to you. We use cold storages to securely keep our products fresh and crisp.


How on time are you with your delivery?

One thing we are proud of is our promptness and punctuality while delivering our goods on time to your doorsteps. We

have delivery partners set up specifically keeping in mind the importance of timely delivery. We can assure no delay in

deliver once your order has been placed.


Why do you charge a delivery charge?

We charge for delivery, if and only if we get an order below our standard order rate. We also provide items fresher than

what you receive from markets, so for us to break even we need to charge an additional amount for extra miles

covered to deliver the finest products at your door step.


Are your meats halal?

Yes, we always use Halal methodology by experienced butchers to cut our meat. The speciality of halal cut is the

blood from the bird is drained out thereby retaining the freshness for extended period of time.


Is my credit card information safe on your website?

Yes. We do not store credit card details in our system. All online payment relate transactions are 100% safe with us

and the transactions are always carried out using trusted Razorypay backed payment gateway system.


What if a transaction fails while I make an online payment?

Incase of a failed transaction or payment issue, you will either be directed to a re-attempt the online payment or by

default, it will be made to a cash on delivery mode.


What if I be charged any additional fee for using online payment option?



I cancelled an order which was made using online payment option (credit card/debit card/ net banking/UPI/ wallet). How will I get my money back and when?

The amount you spent will be reflflected on your FindR account in the form of additional credit score.


Will I be charged any additional fee for using online payment mode?